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We combine the knowledge new strength and new thoughts.
Our approach to complex financial claims is thorough but practical.

We are a consulting firm specialized in Financial Claims and related disputes.

We help our clients manage the risk involved in determining, measuring, and documenting a financial claim. For the last 20 years, our clients have trusted us with critical and complex issues involving multimillion-dollar claims.

Our core teams incorporate attorneys, certified public accountants, and other seasoned professionals. Each team is created by a unique blend of knowledge and experience that creates values for our clients with a cross-capability team.

We combine knowledge of what is admissible in a court of law, regarding a financial claim, with specialized skills about the methodology and rules governing the documentation of such computations and claims.

Our approach to complex financial claims is thorough but practical. We are an organized and detail-oriented team that uses proven and accepted methodologies. We develop each project with our final objective in mind, keeping perspective of our end goals.

In ECOVAL we have developed specialized expertise in diverse industries and project environments that enables us to deliver extraordinary results for clients.

We assist clients in the preparation, documentation, and presentation of financial claims. We help our clients sustain their claims. We further assist clients in evaluating and rebutting financial claims presented against them or against their companies.

ECOVAL helps individuals and organizations to resolve disputes and to mitigate the risks associated with them. Our team provides clients the necessary insights during every stage of a contested matter. This includes early, or preliminary, financial damages assessment, assisting attorneys with case strategy, damages determination, settlement, and expert testimony in court.

We provide clients with expert witness testimony in federal and state courts, bankruptcy courts, and arbitration proceedings.

Our core area of services

Construction claims

Commercial-dispute claims

Disaster-related claims

Business value claims

Personal Damages Claims

Fraud, Forensic, and litigation-related claims

Inheritance, child support, and distribution of marital property claims

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We are Ecoval, a consulting organization integrating academic background and experience in law, finance, and accounting to find feasible solutions for our clients.

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